Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I'm baaa-aaack

After a year plus hiatus from blogging (certainly not from eating), I'm baaaaack! This year has brought a lot of changes for me, including location, which means I've got different access to various ingredients and I'm wasting no time reaping in the benefits.

After 11 years of living in Israel, I've moved to New York. Though I LOVE living in Israel, one major thing lacking there is blueberries. Because Israeli climate isn't ideal for growing them, the limited (and teeny tiny) boxes that are sold there are super expensive. Let's just say I'm making up for lost time and then some.

Something else to note, which will definitely have impact on this little thing of a blog, is that I've been doing Whole30 for the past few months (I guess you could call it Whole120?). With the exception of the monthly cheat (e.g. my own wedding cake and a monthly Magnolia treat), I've pretty much cut dairy and added sugar out of my diet. I don't follow this plan to a t, which is why some of my recipes will have non-Whole30-approved foods...but I have found that cutting out dairy and sugar is helpful for me in so many ways, and in the meantime, that's what I'll be doing. So stay tuned for some of my easy, healthy, and yum findings.

Hello natural habitat, berry picking!

Cheat day on wedding cake

Definitely not dairy or sugar free

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