Thursday, March 12, 2015

Running(/Walking) Songs of the Moment

My favorite form of exercise is power walking. I really can walk for long as I have a good playlist. Leaving my headphones at home is basically the same thing, if not worse, than leaving my sneakers at home. I change it up from time to time, but do have token favs that I always keep.

In honor of the 10 k I'll be walking/running tomorrow, here's a top ten running playlist.

#1  Good warm up song: Riptide, by Vance Joy

This one's mellow but upbeat at the same time and will be definitely starting me off in tomorrow's race.

#2 Token happy song: Honey I'm Good, by Andy Grammar

My sister just sent me this song last week, and I was HOOKED from the first five seconds.

#3 Token Taylor Swift Song: Shake it Off, by Taylor Swift

#4 Angry Avril Song: Rock N Roll, by Avril Lavigne

#5 When you need the extra push: Work Bitch, by Britney Spears
This one is ALWAYS on my really gets me up the steepest hills.

#6 The happiest beat song that makes me think I too can surf: Oh Cecilia, by The Vamps ft. Shawn Mendes

#7 For the climb: Elastic Heart, by Sia
That's right folks. Your fav Even Stevens's star Shia LaBeouf is featured in this vid!

#8 That song that magically gives you more adrenaline. I Lived, by One Republic

#9 "It's YOUR RUN Song." My spinning teacher always leaves the last song as "your song". Meaning, you go at your pace, your moves, whatever you want. Whether you're in a race or it's your usual morning run, it's important to remember that you're doing this for have fun!

#10 Don't forget to cool down/stretch properly! Let it Go, by James Bay
This one is so full of soul and really forces you to slow it down and breathe. Congrats, you did it!

For more of my running favs, follow my complete playlist on Spotify:

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